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Client Experience

I could write a book about my journey with Grant. My situation was complex.

My partner and I were in business together. Our sons-in-law were employees. Due to health issues, my partner had to step down from the business. I was feeling overwhelmed at a stage that I needed to make a lot of complicated decisions for our companies and my personal life.

This led me to my first acquaintance with Grant. In the past I had spoken to Lawyers, Accountants, Tax Consultants, Professional Coaches and these meetings – while being informational – did not ever address the full picture and provide a workable plan.

I sat down with Grant at our first meeting and I felt very comfortable and at ease discussing my life. Our journey over the past five years has been evolving. He and I had to deal with the reality and consequences of:

  • selling the business;
  • my partner passing away;
  • structuring income;
  • taxes;
  • land, and
  • investment.

Grant and I met often and I felt trust and respect for him. He knew my whole situation and became my business confidant.

I found Grant very professional, approachable and always available. He is open-minded, knowledgeable and proactive in his field. He always works to the advantage of me, his client.

In a nutshell, I came to him with papers in an over-the-shoulder cooler and he provided me with a briefcase. He said ,Lynn you can certainly afford a briefcase, laughed without judgment and got one for me.

He has set up a portfolio so I can have freedom to travel knowing he is handling my investments with no worry for me. He has brought together a very comfortable income while my portfolio continues to grow.

Thanks Grant!

Lynn Hoff, retired